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        1. 公司新聞


                 ACT manufactures sets of panels with graduated degrees of orange peel (flow) and powder smoothness from rough to smooth. Thousands of customers use these panels to visually evaluate the appearance of painted parts using a consistent, known standard. Each set consists of ten 4x6 inch panels which are painted black and labeled with their corresponding orange peel (flow) rating or powder smoothness from 1 to 10. THESE PANELS ARE VISUAL STANDARDS ONLY.

          他們分成10個等級,并有證書,尺寸是4 x6英寸,涂成了黑色。

          ACT Orange Peel Standards ACT桔皮板

          Orange Peel Standards 標準桔皮板

          These panels are reproduced from the same master set and then approved by Ford Motor Company for use by their suppliers in evaluating the appearance of painted parts.





          美國ACT GM通用桔皮板  

          美國ACT 標準桔皮板

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